The 12 Tones Barbershop Chorus

In 1995, the 12 Tones Barbershop Chorus was created by its present conductor and musical director, Alex Eshed, as a TTBB quartet. Within a couple of years, other singers joined, and 12 Tones became a chorus. At the time, 12 Tones rehearsals were held, on a rotating basis, at the homes of its personnel.

Around the turn of the millennium, 12 Tones received official backing from the Ramat HaSharon municipality, and thus was assigned a permanent rehearsal hall. 12-Tones went to Stockholm in 2000, to sing as guests during the SNOBS competition. 12 Tones concerts were given all over Israel, and the chorus received first place recognition in a competition sponsored by MILA, a major umbrella organization of choruses, in two consecutive years 2002 and 2003. In 2003, an outstanding barbershop choral advisor from Ireland, Pat Kelly, came to Israel and began to work with the singers, towards an upcoming competition to be held in Dublin. That competition was the same year, and 12 Tones was awarded a high place in the standings. 12 Tones participated in the Brighton UK barbershop competition in 2005.

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The chorus continues to set high goals as regards personnel, repertoire, and concert venues. It is constantly recruiting new singers.